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Dan Sullivan


Just a Jersey boy who became a Brooklyn man after a 

4-year pit stop at RIT's School of Film and Animation.

Upon my arrival to the Big Apple, I worked the streets for

years (as a Production Assistant) before becoming a true boss (an Assistant Director), all while writing features and pilots in an attempt to boycott sleep altogether.

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Deep Down poster.png

Deep Down

Feature Screenplay, 111 pages

Still processing her mother’s suicide, a jaded therapist returns to her family’s secluded cottage to confront the lake monster that inexplicably spared her life two decades earlier.

"Deep Down is an ingenious and compelling thriller feature with a great central character at its core. The themes and ideas this piece explores are highly singular. It’s rare to see a script truly dive into something that feels completely new and original, and the manner in which this script does so is equally commendable. Overall, “Deep Down” is a very polished, professional piece with compelling themes, characters, and ideas. The manner in which all of these ideas are explored is highly commendable, singular, and incredibly well-executed."
     - Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Competition reader comment


Hawk Squad

Animated Pilot, 30 pages
Co-Written with Chelsea Dallas Falato

When a misfit group of Private Investigators discovers a new street drug sweeping the city, they rush to solve the case before the NYPD gets involved and takes the credit.

Also, they’re Hawks.

The pilot episode of "Hawk Squad" was a finalist in the 1st Annual Stage 32 New Voices in Animation Screenwriting Contest.

Trial By Fire

Feature Screenplay, 113 pages

When her top secret military program is sabotaged, a headstrong engineer with no combat experience must lead a team of bionic soldiers against an army of artificially intelligent robots programmed to be judge, jury, and executioner.

"The script puts a fresh spin on war films, exploring android warfare and the ensuing moral dilemmas & robo-ethics which accompany it."
   - Black List Evaluation




Short Screenplay, 17 pages

A post-apocalyptic teenage love story gets even more complicated when the last ones alive realize they’ve been lied to about what remains of their future.

"As it turns out this has something to add to the apocalypse genre. And right now it's something that seems a bit too plausible. They aren't looking out for zombies or anything like that. What's chasing them is death brought all that much closer by a virus with no cure. This takes the apocalypse where it always should have gone. This isn't a playground for Mad Max types. This is it. This is the end.
We haven't seen things like this since 'The Day After' and 'On the Beach.'
The story starts with the usual tropes of ordinary people walking out into the wasteland like badasses. But in the final scenes they're reduced to people just waiting to die. It's grim but also emotional and there's a dark beauty to it."
     - WeScreenplay Shorts Contest feedback

Woodhaven Poster-pdf.jpg


Feature Screenplay, 110 pages

A disgraced fighter seeks refuge at the secretive military facility that experimented on her as a child. But when she finds the son of a former opponent among the newest test subjects,

she vows to rescue him the only way she knows how.

“Woodhaven is an ambitious hybrid script that mixes action, sci-fi, and thriller, and it manages to juggle multiple plotlines with some forceful third-act revelations."
     - Nichol Fellowship reader comment

"Where the story really kicks into high gear is in the fight scenes. The second act fight scenes are brutal and full of adrenaline, but these are just a precursor to the full-blooded mayhem and carnage of the third act climax."
     - Nicholl Fellowship reader comment

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